Pop Culture Coven
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One guest. One character. Twenty minutes of pop culture analysis.

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    Magdalena & Dax

    Guest Magdalena talks about Star Trek's Jadzia Dax, as well as the representation and erasure of queer characters in the Star Trek universe.

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    Belen & Phryne

    Guest Belen talks about Phryne Fisher, the suave "lady detective" from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

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    Soha & Thane

    Guest Soha Kareem talks about her experience romancing Thane Krios from the Mass Effect video game series.

    CW: Discussion of suicide 11:15-12:30

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    Pam & Skyler

    Guest Pam talks about Skyler White from Breaking Bad, and discusses whether she is a sympathetic character.

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    Todd & Lwaxana

    Guest Todd Harper talks about Lwaxana Troi from the Star Trek universe, and her role as "Auntie Mame in space."

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    Season 1 Trailer

    Season 1 of Pop Culture Coven is coming on March 1! Check out this trailer to hear a preview of the six guests joining Tzufit on the show this season.